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Amazing Dental Transformations From Social Media Video Ads

Dental Myths and Misconceptions Brought to You by YouTube Ads

Have you ever seen a dental ad on YouTube and thought to yourself, “Wait, that can’t be real, can it?” If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, there has been an influx of misleading dental ads running on YouTube. These ads claim amazing dental cures for poor gums, decayed teeth, or clip-on fake teeth. However, just because an advertisement is running on a reputable social media network like YouTube does not mean the dental product has been reviewed and approved by any dental association. In fact, many of these products are doing more harm than good. The worse part is these ads tend to engage our teens and young adults who may have less experience with professional dental services and may be swayed by the lure of super straight and white teeth instantly.  After all, its all about that perfect picture for your social media following, right? So, how can you tell if a dental ad is legitimate? Keep reading to find out.

3 Ways to Spot a Misleading Dental Ad on YouTube

  1. Look for reviews from credible sources. Just because an ad claims that a product is effective does not make it true. Do your own research to see if there are any reviews from credible sources (e.g., the American Dental Association) before you believe what you see in the ad.
  2. Be wary of unproven claims. If an ad claims that a product can magically cure all of your dental problems without any effort on your part, chances are it’s too good to be true. Be skeptical of any dental product that makes grandiose claims without any scientific evidence to back them up.
  3. Watch out for red flags. If an ad is using fearmongering tactics or making false claims about other products, it’s likely not a legitimate ad. Also be on the lookout for ads that feature before-and-after photos that look too good to be true or use celebrity endorsements as a way to validate the product.

Next time you see a dental ad on YouTube, take a close look at it and just ask yourself a few easy questions. Wouldn’t a professional dentist already be offering this type of product or service? Is there a dental association that has approved the use of this product? Are the results too fast and or too stunning to be true? By following the tips in this blog post, follow your gut instinct and ignore the tempting “results” and you should be able to spot a misleading ad from a mile away. And remember: just because an ad is running on YouTube does not mean it’s trustworthy!

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